Fabric Reinforced Coating

Extend the useful life of your roof with a fabric reinforced coating system from Lanchester Commercial Roofing. In addition to restoring the quality, energy efficiency, and overall integrity of your commercial roof, reinforced fabric also provides added strength without adding significant weight to your roof.

Long-Lasting Commercial Roof Protection

Reinforced fabric is a strong, lightweight coating that can be safely applied to both smaller and larger commercial roofs. The white coating reflects heat away from your roof and increases your building’s energy efficiency. The strength of the material also provides added protection against the elements. White coatings like this also benefit our commercial customers by providing:

  • Potential annual savings of 30% in cooling costs
  • Possible eligibility for tax credits for using energy efficient roofing materials
  • Physically keeping roof surfaces cooler even on hot, sunny days

man applying fabric reinforced coating

Minimal Disruptions, Maximum Efficiency

Our fabric reinforced coating system can be custom built on site to further add value to your investment since you’ll be getting an application specifically designed for your roof. Because of our convenient scheduling options and experienced crew, the work can be done with minimal disruptions to your normal business operations.

Reduced Risk of Major Roofing Issues

Most roofs fail at the seams or other vulnerable areas. With this type of acrylic top-coat, there are no seams, so your roof is effectively sealed. It’s also a material that’s completely self-adhered to your roof, and no tear-offs are necessary.

Recommended Uses for Fabric Reinforced Coating

Conklin’s fabric reinforced coating can be applied to different roof substrates. The process we’ll use to apply the coating will vary based on the particular substrate to which the coating will be applied. Fabric reinforced systems often work best on the following commercial roof types:

  • Concrete
  • EPDM
  • Metal
  • ISO board

Your experience with Lanchester Commercial Roofing will be a pleasant one from start to finish thanks to our attention to detail and reasonable pricing. As an authorized dealer and distributor for Conklin Roofing Systems, we’re fully committed to offering high-quality results. Contact us today to get started with an assessment of your roof and receive an estimate.