Foam and Elastomeric Coating

Turn your existing roof into one’s more energy efficient without a complete replacement by considering the foam and elastomeric coating applications available from Lanchester Commercial Roofing. Your entire commercial roof can be effectively sealed by adding Conklin’s spray polyurethane foam (SPF) to your roof. Our experienced roofing team can meticulously apply this type of elastomeric coating to any type of commercial roof.

A Durable Roof Coating

SPF has a long history of being a highly durable and reliable roof coating. Foam coatings are extremely lightweight (about 8 ounces per square foot), so this type of material can be safely applied to just about any commercial roof without having to worry about weight restrictions. With foam and elastomeric coatings, you’ll enjoy:

  • A roof that can withstand light foot traffic
  • A smooth, seamless barrier that provides year-round protection against the elements
  • A roof with a strong seal that also helps reduce your energy costs by enhancing your roof’s insulation qualities

roof with foam and elastomeric coating

Low Life Cycle Costs

With regular maintenance, Conklin’s foam and elastomeric coatings can last up to 25-30 years or more. The result is very low roof life cycle costs, which makes our roof coating application an investment that can easily pay for itself over time. SPF can also be used to seal your commercial building’s envelope, providing additional insulation benefits.

Our Restoration Process

When restoring your roof with a foam roofing system, our roofing contractors will insulate your entire roof with SPF and seal it with a reflective finish coat for added protection. In addition to extending your roof’s life expectancy, this type of coating offers the following benefits:

  • No more leaks or water seepage
  • Simplified repair needs
  • Added protection during heavy rains and storms

If you’re like most business owners today, you want a roof that provides superior protection and excellent insulation. And that’s exactly what you’ll get when you call on the crew from Lanchester Commercial Roofing to apply a foam and elastomeric coating to your roof. Call today to schedule an on-site visit to discuss your roofing needs and receive an honest, accurate pre-work estimate.