Membrane Coating Systems

Don’t replace it, re-coat it! If you have an aging EPDM rubber, CSPE, TPO, or PVC roof, we may be able to apply a new membrane coating system to it. The skilled contractors at Lanchester Commercial Roofing will guide you through the process of choosing and applying a new membrane coating system while delivering prompt, reliable results.

Preparing Your Roof

We’ll inspect your existing roof first to determine if the membrane is in good enough condition to apply a new coating system. Our crew will remove loose dirt and debris, power wash the surface, apply a tack coat, and install boardstock. We’ll then apply prepare your commercial roof for the application of the main coating.

Conklin Single-Ply Membrane System

With this system, a coating is applied over a single-ply membrane. Since it’s also a water-tight system, it will minimize the risk of further degradation of the underlying membrane. Our attention to detail during the membrane system application process includes:

  • Overlapping seams in the direction of water runoff
  • Welding seams either by hand when necessary or with a robotic welder
  • Sealing the free edges of the membrane with 360-S® urethane sealant (a caulking compound that provides excellent adhesion)

Advantages of Our Membrane Coating Systems

We install top-quality Conklin membrane coating systems that offer many appealing advantages for commercial property owners. Potential benefits include:

  • Superior waterproofing qualities (meaning no more leaks)
  • Increased energy efficiency and lower utility costs
  • Extended roof life expectancy
  • Added protection from wind and hail

Membrane Coating Systems for All Commercial Roofs

We offer membrane coating applications that can be used on all types of commercial roofing. A fabric-reinforced ply system, for instance, is typically recommended for smooth built-up roofs, modified bitumen, concrete, or plywood. While elastomeric coatings can repair aged modified bitumen roofing, as well as CPA, PVC, TPO, EPDM, CPA, and CSPE roofs.

Explore the possibilities with the membrane coating systems available from Lanchester Commercial Roofing. From the initial inspection of your roof to ensuring that every seam has been welded, no detail will be overlooked. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and receive an estimate.